On this page I will document the progress on the game, post planned features and share ideas.


DevLog #1
First dev log entry, let me give you a breakdown on the equipment system and how it works. In the list below are some of the items that can be found throughout the game. Some of them will be  more valuable than others, imagine a rarity system like in Diablo, where you have different rarities.   The amount of equipment you can carry on your ship is determined by the space each module takes and the total space you can carry.   Hence it is possible to install multiple modules of the same type.
  Modules/Equipment: Here are some of items you can buy/loot/craft in game. These modules are already in the game, most of them will use energy in order to operate.
thruster Propulsion  Provides movement, needs energy to operate. Better versions will have increased velocity.
shield Shield  A temporary defence system that can recharge once depleted. Better version will have higher recharge rate, lower recharge delay and more capacity.
reactor Reactor  Generates energy. Better versions prodce more energy. Does not require energy for operation.
capacitor Capacitor  Used to store energy from energy generators like reactor and provide other subsystem with energy. Better versions will have higher capacity. Does (usually) not require energy for operation.
weaponPulse Pulse High frequency weapon, low accuracy, fast fire rate, low damage. pulseTest1              
weaponBeam Beam  Slow single shot weapon, high accuracy, low fire rate. high damage.   beamTest1  
WIP* Missile  Missiles do not require energy but come with limited capacity. Dumb/Homing fire modes. High fire rate, middle damage.